launch & scale brilliant cold email campaigns in minutes, world's first done-for-you cold emails platform. Imagine Facebook Ads, but for cold emails. No email accounts required, AI-assisted email writing, instant access to 30m+ contacts, free credits on signup, we take care of everything.

We take care of all your cold emailing needs.

Step 1.

Quick, easy, and free account creation

  • Onboard your Konecta account for free in under 5 minutes and receive up to 200 free credits.

  • Get instant access access to our massive toolbox for launching scalable email campaigns.

Step 2.

Use AI & our 30m+ leads database to create engaging campaigns

  • Craft professional-grade cold emails that resonate with your audience in minutes using our AI-based solutions.

  • Choose which audiences you'd like to target from a global database of 30m+ professionals; or upload your own contacts list and we'll enrich and validate their email accounts for you.

Step 3.

Scale and evolve your best performing campaigns

  • Manage and track the performance of your campaigns, including opens, clicks, replies, and more.

  • Make smart decisions using A/B testing to find out the best way to connect with your target market.


No credit card required | Free credits included

Konecta makes cold email campaign creations simple, easy, and effective


buy domains
❌ buy email accounts
❌ setup DNS and DMARK
❌ warmup email accounts
❌ build a prospects list
❌ enrich and validate emails
❌ manage email sequences
❌ track opens and link clicks
❌ handle unsubscribes
❌ monitor deliverability
❌ hire virtual assistant
❌ fire the virtual assistant
❌ find better virtual assistant
❌ manage multi-inbox replies
❌ keep track of conversations
❌ add leads to spreadsheets


✅ Sign up for free
✅ Launch campaign in 5 min
✅ Easily manage and track it
✅ Engage interested contacts
✅ We handle everything else


No credit card required | Free credits included

Every tool you'll ever need to launch and scale cold email campaigns in 1 platform

No email accounts required

Konecta's emailing infrastructure guarantees that your messages will be sent to your contacts without any hassle on your part.

Get 100 free monthly credits

Get free credits every month when you sign up, no credit card required!

Automate your marketing

Facebook and Google penalize you for scaling your campaigns, but our method is set and forget, so you can easily scale without penalty.

AI content generation tools

Konecta helps you generate fantastic email sequences in 5-10 minutes by suggesting content for you

30m+ contacts DB at your disposal gives you instant access to a global network of over 30 million professionals across all different industries.

Leverage your own contacts list

We take your existing contacts lists and cross-reference them with our database to find each person's email.

Super simple to get started

Thanks to our simple and powerful campaign setup process, you can have your cold email campaign up and running in under 10 minutes

Predictable, fair billing with no limitations

You'll only ever be charged for the emails that are successfully delivered, and you'll get 100 free credits to use every month.

Free campaign setup support calls

Book a free onboarding call today with one of our onboarding specialists to get started.


No credit card required | Free credits included

Integrate your Konecta campaigns with popular tools and software

We take care of everything else


from 250

from 1,000

from 5,000

from 10,000











10000 credits for $730

Sign up below for higher-tier pricing.

No credit card required | Free credits included


Questions? We've got answers!

How do credits work?

With Konecta's credits system, everything is simple. 1 credit = 1 email delivered. If for some reason an email didn't reach the recipient, we will refund that credit automatically.

How are the emails sent?

We internally manage and maintain a growing network of warmed-up email accounts to send out your cold emails. These email accounts communicate with each other and report stats to us, and we take many steps to ensure maximal deliverability and performance on each account.

Can I send emails in my name?

Absolutely. The sender name is set by you per campaign. You can personalize each email to your heart's content.

Can I upload my own contacts?

You can upload contacts in a .CSV format and use them as an audience for your campaign. We'll ask you to map out the different columns and proceed to send them. If your contacts list doesn't have emails - We'll find and validate their emails for you using their name and website.

Do I need my own email accounts / email lists?

Not at all, we take care of everything for you.

Is this a good fit for X industry?

As long as your industry isn't heavily regulated (for example, lawyers and certain government contractors) - the answer is 100% yes.

Are these emails validated?

Every single email we send is to a validated email address (whether you're targeting your uploaded list or our prospects database).

Are there any additional costs?

There are no additional costs. We only charge credits for delivered emails.

How personalized are the emails?

You can personalize according to name, company name, industry, location, title, and more.

Can I target X industry / niche / demographic ?

We currently have over 200 industries and various demographic targeting tools. If you can't target something properly, let us know and there's a good chance we'll add it.


No credit card required | Free credits included


Integrate your Konecta account with major CRMs, tools, and more...


Create webhooks and setup automations through your own platforms.


Access your data through our API and setup technical outreach solutions.

Reach the right person with precision

Get started for free, then add your whole team. Start sending emails in minutes on this total solution platform.

Sign up and schedule your free onboarding call!

No credit card required | Free credits included

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